Christmas in the Woods White Woodland Santa with Staff

$ 74.00
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With a tree fir stuffed in the brim of his hat and a branch staff frame, this woodsy Santa takes a walk through the snow to collect fresh holly. Cloak and boots patterned in handsome red and green designs, Santa enjoys the ambiance of the forest.

Introduction: January 2022
9.65in H
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek White Woodland "Christmas in the Woods" figurine
Beautifully hand-painted and crafted with intricate styling and attention to detail
Jim Shore's White Woodland collection celebrates the peaceful beauty of nature in a subtle palette of muted tones and gentle hues with handcrafted det
Packaged in individual box with photo on front
Designed by Award Winning Artist Jim Shore
Packaging: 1 EA Photo Gift Box
Material: Stone Resin
Measurements: 9.65in H x 2.95in W x 3.78in L
UPC Code: 028399323807