Peacock Scheherazade Theme

Brillant colors and vivid hues of peacock greens, blue and purples are accent by shimmering gold to create a theme that is both fun and regal.
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2.75-3"Noble Gems Irish Hat+Sweater
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5"Noble Gems Gls Fancy Elephant Orn
6"Noble Gems Glass Pizza Orn
Acrylic Hummingbird Ornament 4.25" 3 Assorted
Butterfly & Dragonfly Ornament 4" 4 Assorted
Glass Finial Ornament 16"
Only 1 left!
Grand Peacock 19" 2 Assorted
Only 1 left!
Holly Leaf Pick 28"
Noble Gems Glass Chinese Food Container Ornament 4"
Noble Gems Glass Sushi Ornament 2.5" 3 Assorted
Panda Orn Resin
Panda Orn Resin
$ 10.99
Peacock Glittered Finial Ornament 15.25"
Plush White Bear or Fox Ornament 3 Assorted 2.35"
Only 4 left!
Porcelain Holy Famly & 3 Kings Nativity Set of 7
Rhinestone Icicle Ornament 5.3"
Snowflake Ornament 4.75" 3 Assorted
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