Department 56 New England Village

Created by Department 56 to recreate a beautiful Fall and Christmas season in the Colonial New England area.
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American Gothic Set of 2
Edgartown Harbor Light
Edgartown Boat Builder
Gingerbread Cottage #1
Christmas Cranberries
Mending the Sails
Looking for Purrfect Weather
Old Man Of The Gables
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Wenham Lake Ice Delivery
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West Haberdine Lighthouse
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Walton Green Church
The First Tap
The First Tap
$ 47.50
Setting Up The Nativity
New England Village Gate
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One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Coleman's Trading Post by Jim Shore
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White Rose Mill by Jim Shore
Grace Church by Jim Shore
Christmas Delivery
Christmas Spirit
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Checking For Color
General Store Dropoff
New England Lamplighter
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In Before Dusk
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In Before Dusk
$ 37.50
A New Beginning
A New Beginning
$ 32.50
White Rose Covered Bridge
Christmas Cookie Special
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