Escali products are tested by rigid military measurement standards, a process that contributes to an exceptionally high satisfaction rate. Likewise, the professional line includes NSF-approved models. Backed by industry leading product warranties and 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, Escali products tip the scales in the customer's favor.
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Wireless Remote Thermometer
Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Column Refridgerator & Freezer Thermometer NSF
ColorFun Luminous Digital Timer
Triple Event Digital Timer
Primo Digital Scale Warm Red
Arti Digital Scale Rio Rock Red
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Touch Screen Digital Timer Black
Folding Digital Thermometer
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Velo Luggage Scale White
Touch Screen Digital Timer Red
Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer Paddle Style
Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer Glass Tube
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Touch Screen Thermometer & Timer Black
Touch Screen Thermometer & Timer Red
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Primo Digital Scale Black
Oven Safe Meat Thermometer NSF Approived
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Instant Read Beverage Thermometer NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Red NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Orange NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Blue NSF Approved
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Digital Probe Thermometer
Arti Digital Scale Black Obsidion
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Arti Digital Scale Electric Blue
Arti Digital Scale Bamboo
Arti Digital Scale Shinny Silver
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Arti Digital Scale Key Lime Green
Instant Read Dial Thermometer Fahrenheit NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Green NSF Approved
Instant Read Large Dial Thermometer
Oven Thermometer NSF Approved
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