Escali products are tested by rigid military measurement standards, a process that contributes to an exceptionally high satisfaction rate. Likewise, the professional line includes NSF-approved models. Backed by industry leading product warranties and 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, Escali products tip the scales in the customer's favor.
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Wireless Remote Thermometer
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Waterproof Digital Thermometer
Column Refridgerator & Freezer Thermometer NSF
ColorFun Luminous Digital Timer
Triple Event Digital Timer
Primo Digital Scale Warm Red
Arti Digital Scale Rio Rock Red
Touch Screen Digital Timer Black
Folding Digital Thermometer
Velo Luggage Scale White
Touch Screen Digital Timer Red
Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer Paddle Style
Candy/Deep Fry Thermometer Glass Tube
Touch Screen Thermometer & Timer Black
Touch Screen Thermometer & Timer Red
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Primo Digital Scale Black
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Oven Safe Meat Thermometer NSF Approived
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Instant Read Beverage Thermometer NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Red NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Orange NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Blue NSF Approved
Digital Probe Thermometer
Arti Digital Scale Black Obsidion
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Arti Digital Scale Electric Blue
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Arti Digital Scale Bamboo
Arti Digital Scale Shinny Silver
Arti Digital Scale Key Lime Green
Instant Read Dial Thermometer Fahrenheit NSF Approved
Gourmet Digital Thermometer Green NSF Approved
Instant Read Large Dial Thermometer
Oven Thermometer NSF Approved
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