Live life luxuriously. Agraria means "beautiful flowers growing in the fields," and is the brand name our founders, Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson, chose for their hand-made potpourri. First tossed in the back room of their San Francisco shop on Taylor Street, it was full of flowers, herbs, spices and its mysterious new fragrance became known as Bitter Orange. It’s unique, spicy fragrance has been described by The New York Times as “uplifting, mysterious and androgynous in its appeal.”
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Balsam 3.4oz Candle
Balsam AirEssence 7.4oz
Balsam PetiteEssence
Balsam TasselAire w/Refresher Oil
Bitter Orange 3.4oz Candle
Bitter Orange AirEssence 7.4oz
Bitter Orange PetiteEssence
Bitter Orange Potpourri 2 Liter
Cedar Rose 3.4oz Candle
Cedar Rose AirEssence 7.4oz
Cedar Rose PetiteEssence
Citrus Lily AirEssence 7.4oz
Citrus Lily Candle 7oz
Golden Cassis 3.4oz Candle
Golden Cassis AirEssence 7.4oz
Golden Cassis PetiteEssence
Lavender & Rosemary 3.4oz Candle
Lavender & Rosemary AirEssence 7.4oz
Lavender & Rosemary AirEssence 7.4oz
Lavender & Rosemary PetiteEssence
Lavender & Rosemary TasselAire w/Refresher Oil
Lemon Verbena 3.4oz Candle
Lemon Verbena AirEssence 7.4oz
Lemon Verbena PetiteEssence
Lemon Verbena TasselAire w/Refresher Oil
Lime & Orange Blossoms 3.4oz Candle
Lime & Orange Blossoms AirEssence 7.4oz
Lime & Orange Blossoms PetiteEssence
Mediterranean Jasmine 3.4oz Candle
Mediterranean Jasmine AirEssence 7.4oz
Mediterranean Jasmine PetiteEssence
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