Fabriché Santas, Steinbach Nutcrackers and other collectibles were ushered in during the 1980's and 1990's. Santa was transformed into a fun-loving character that enjoyed hobbies such as windsurfing and skiing. The Nutcracker was reinvented, as Merlin "The Magician" and other famous legends became collectibles.
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Adopt A Pet Santa & Dog Set of 2 10.5"
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Chef Santa Holding Christmas Tree Cake 10"
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City Glamour Shopping Santa 10"
Fabric Decorated Santa Figure 23"
Fireman Santa 11"
Fireman Santa Figurine Lit 11.5"
Fisherman Santa 11"
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Hunter Santa 10"
Musical German Santa 11"
Musical Irish Dancing Santa 10"
Musical Irish Santa with Dog & Cane 11"
Nutcracker Workshop Santa 10.5" Set of 2
Peppermint Garden Santa 10.5"
Polish Santa Musical 10"
Santa Riding Bicycle 10"
Santa Serving Mugs of Beer 10.75"
Santa Taking a Selfie with Elf Helper on His Shoulder 10"
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Santa with Christmas Candy & Bag Sack 10.5"
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Santa with Whiskey Bottle & Glasses 10.5"
Santa with Wine Bottle & Glass & Barrel 10" Set of 2
Tattoo Santa Dude with Bag 10"
Tiki Bar Santa Lit Figure 11.5"
Wine Santa & Barrel Set of 2 10.5"
Only 2 left!
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