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Remember your vacation destinations with special ornaments designed to recall all the great destinations and monuments of this small, small world.
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5.25"Sugar Art New York Girl Orn
5.5"Noble Gems Big Ben Clock Tower
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Classic Motorhome
Cruise Ship Personlizable Ornament 5.25"
Destination California Board 14.25 x 11"
England Beefeater Nutcracker Ornament 6.75"
Glass California Ornament 5"
Glass London Cityscape Ornament 5.25"
Only 2 left!
Glass London Landmark Hanging Orn
Las Vegas Glass Ornament 4.65"
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Las Vegas Glass Ornament 4.65"
London Air Balloon Glass Ornament 5.5"
New York City Glass Bag Ornament 4.75"
Only 2 left!
Noble Gems Hot Air Balloon 3.5" 3 Assorted
Paris Air Balloon Glass Ornament 5/5"
Only 1 left!
Paris Landmark 5.875" Glass Ornament
Only 1 left!
San Francisco Bag 4.75"Glass Ornament
San Francisco Heart Cityscape Ornament 4"
Santa USA Air Balloon Glass Ornament 5.5"
Sugar Art Irish Girl Resin Ornament 5"
Only 4 left!
Washington DC Cityscape Ornament 3.75"
William Glen Shopping in Sacramento Glass Ornament
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