Wolfard Glass Blowing Company

In 1972, Linda Wolfard received a handblown glass oil lamp as a gift from her husband Jon, a glassblower at a local research company. The original oil lamp became a centerpiece on their coffee table where friends constantly remarked about Jon's unique design and requested lamps for themselves.
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Filler Spout
Filler Spout
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Wickholder Packet 12"
Wickholder Packet 15"
Wickholder Packet 6"
Wickholder Packet 9"
Wolfard Oil Lamp Wick 3" Length
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Wolford Lamp Oil Blue
Wolford Lamp Oil Clear
Wolford Lamp Oil Gold
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Wolford Lamp Oil Rose
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Wolford Lamp Oil Teal
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Wolford Oil Lamp 12"
Wolford Oil Lamp 15"
Wolford Oil Lamp 6"
Wolford Oil Lamp 9"
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