Sheet Pan Scoop

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Whether you’re feeding a crowd or prepping for the week ahead, sheet pan meals make cooking a little easier. Our OXO Good Grips Sheet Pan Scoop was specially designed to help you transfer your meals with less mess. A wider shovel scoops up more veggies, meat or fish, while the tapered side walls help contain food while serving or storing. The durable edge helps lift foods that maybe stuck on and makes an easy time of scraping any leftover bits from sheet pans. Made of heat-resistant nylon, the versatile Sheet Pan Scoop is safe for use with all types of cookware and is dishwasher safe.

Wide head scoops more food off sheet pans with minimal mess
Tapered side walls keep food in place while serving
Durable edge slides underneath food, scraping pans, and stovetop cooking
Dishwasher safe