OXO Brew Basket Style Filters Small Box of 100

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The OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker allows you to brew 1-4 cups directly into your favorite mug, and the Single Serve Basket Style Small Coffee Filters are designed to optimize that experience. The basket-style filter has a flat bed to encourage even extraction for consistent flavors. The classic wave design helps promote air and coffee flow, whether you’re brewing one cup or filling up your travel mug with 4 cups. The FSC-certified filters are totally chlorine free (TCF) and completely compostable. To use, simply place the single-serve insert into your 8-Cup Coffee Maker’s brew basket, then add the filter. Add ground coffee to the filter, water to the tank, and select the “2-4 cups” option to brew. 100 filters included.

Perfect for making 1-4 cups in the OXO Brew 8-Cup Coffee maker
Flat filter bed promotes even, consistent extraction
Wave design allows for easy air and coffee flow
Totally chlorine-free (TCF) filters
Filters are compostable and FSC certified
100 filters included