Nylon Straining Ladle

$ 10.99 $ 18.00
For a multipurpose utensil that can do the jobs other tools can't, try the Cuisinart Barrel Handle Nylon Utensil Straining Ladle. This specialized ladle has a spout on one side for easy pouring and a strainer on the other that allows you to scoop thick foods from water or broth and drain pasta and vegetables directly from the pot without having to use a colander. In addition to saving time, this utensil means less heavy lifting and less chance of burns from boiling water or a hot pot surface. Heat resistant up to 425°F, this ladle is safe for both cooking and serving food. Its sleek nylon and stainless steel appearance can accent any kitchen decor, and its rounded soft grip handle ensures comfortable and secure handling. Add the Cuisinart Barrel Handle Nylon Utensil Straining Ladle to your kitchen today!

Introduced: June 2023

Color: black and stainless steel
Material: nylon and stainless steel
Soft grip handle
Safe for nonstick cookware
Nylon head heat resistant up to 425°F
Length: 15.25"
Number of pieces: 1
Lifetime warranty
Item #: CTG-04-LDSH