Glass Adjustable Shaker Set

$ 24.99
SKU: 11312600x
Whether you’re in the midst of cooking or simply need to salt your meal, with adjustable lid settings the OXO Glass Adjustable Shaker Set has you covered. We took a thoughtful approach to this salt and pepper set, providing you with a multi-setting lid that has adjustable hole sizes so you can get your seasoning just right. The one hole setting releases more while your cooking while the three-hole setting releases less, perfect for when you’re seasoning meals and snacks. The closed setting protects contents from moisture to ensure longer life span. Plus, we’ve designed our lid with audible clicks so you know when you’re reached the right setting. Each shaker holds 3.5 oz of salt or pepper. Hand wash lid, body is dishwasher safe.

Multi-setting lid has two hole sizes
Lid closes to keep contents moisture-free
Audible clicks assure you’ve reached the right setting
Glass body with 3.5 oz capacity perfect for salt and pepper.​
Stainless steel top is removable for easy cleaning; bottom is dishwasher safe.​