Made in America and Made for You!

Made in America and Made for You!

American made bakeware? Yes, ma’am!


Rain rain go away! Well, the forecast says – not any time soon! So I thought the best meal for a day like this is chili. Although chili was the main dish for dinner, it was the mini corn muffins that took the prize. Now, I’ve made cornbread a million times before – using your average 8×8 pan and cutting them into squares. Every time, it came out the same way – like cornbread. This time, I thought I would try my new USA mini muffin pan. If you do not own a USA pan, your in for a treat. These pans are lined with silicone – making it effortless to remove baked goods from. No liners or nonstick spray needed.


These little cuties popped out of the pan leaving almost nothing behind to clean. And since they were their own individual cakes, each muffin had a perfect golden crust on the bottom. They were a huge hit with the whole family and my husband even had corn muffins for breakfast the next day.


This pan will quickly become your favorite! Aluminized steel bakeware is made from sheets of cold rolled steel that have been dipped and coated on both sides with an aluminum-silicon alloy. Americoat silicone coating is environmentally friendly and does not contain PTFEs or PFOAs.

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