Wise Advice Ornament

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Everyone needs someone to go to for advice in a tough spot. Thankfully, this Snowbaby has found one wise owl to talk to in this 2.6” hanging porcelain ornament from the Snowbabies Celebrations Collection.

Introduction: January 2015

Hanging Ornament
2.6in H
Wise Advice
Snowbabies Celebrations Collection features inspirational and heart-warming scenes of the holiday season
Showcases a Snowbaby asking an owl for advice atop a tree branch
Handcrafted from high-quality bisque porcelain with hand-painted accents
2.6-inch height (6.6 cm)
Packaging: 1 EA Sleeve Box
Material: Porcelain Bisque
Measurements: 2.6in H x 1.22in W x 3.15in L 
UPC Code: 045544762113