kat + annie

Amy “Kat” Pearson and Heather “Annie” Shepardson are the co-founders and dynamic duo behind the brand new modern yet timeless brand, kat + annie. The two worked together for over 6 years creating thousands of ornaments for Christopher Radko before deciding to take their passion and creativity and start their own business.

As both business partners and best friends, the two have an immense respect for each other which allows them to communicate openly and collaborate on projects successfully. Amy, the Vice President of Design, Product Development and Brand Management is the creative “right brain” of the company while Heather, the CEO is the logical “left brain” and together they have a connectivity when it comes to holiday trends, color, and overall all ornament design. Like yin and yang, both complement each other in business but also personally – they can always predict what the other is thinking and can often finish each other’s sentences.

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