V-Blade Mandoline

$42.00 $55.00
Featuring exclusive Cuisinart® food processor blade technology, the v-blade design allows you to use less pressure when slicing, making it quick and easy to slice through softer foods like tomatoes. There are two cutting options, straight and julienne, and a precision thickness adjuster to easily cut potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, onions and more! The food pusher keeps hands safe and the nonslip stand provides extra stability. This mandoline has a compact design and collapsible stand for easy and convenient storage.

Features exclusive Cuisinart® food processor blade technology:
2 cutting options: straight cut and julienne
Superior stainless steel v-blade
V-Blade allows you to easily cut through softer foods
Thickness adjuster for a variety of cuts
Food holder protects fingers
Nonslip stand provides stability and collapses for convenient storage
Compact design for easy storage
Lifetime warranty