Squeeze & Pour Silicone Measuring Cup Set - Mini, 1 Cup, 2 Cup

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With a design inspired by a pattern found in nature, the OXO Good Grip Squeeze & Pour Silicone Measuring Cups make heating up ingredients like butter and chocolate easy and safe. The honeycomb pattern on the outside of the Silicone Measuring Cups dissipates heat, making it safe to touch, even right out of the microwave. The pattern also gives the flexible Cups structure, allowing you to hold and squeeze the Silicone Measuring Cups to form a narrow spout for precise pouring. The durable, BPA-free Cups feature convenient measurement markings and flat bases for stability in the microwave and on countertops. The Silicone Measuring Cups come in 2 cup, 1 cup and mini sizes and are dishwasher safe.

Honeycomb pattern dissipates heat and keeps hands protected
Flexible silicone is microwave safe and ideal for melting butter, chocolate and more
Body and spout are flexible for easy, precise pouring
Flat base provides stability in microwave and on countertops
Set includes one 2-Cup, one 1-Cup and one 1/2 Cup Silicone Measuring Cup
Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, BPA free