Slim Safety LidLifter Can Opener White

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The original and still the best opener for a more comfortable grip and pull tab hook to open additional cans. Its slim design fits in a picnic basket or backpack and is perfect for camping, boating or picnics. The revolutionary design makes opening cans clean, safe & fun. Lids are removed, leaving no mess or sharp edges. Safe, ergonomic and just plain cool.

Tuck away in a picnic basket or backpack - perfect for camping, boating or picnics.
Opens cans and pull tops.
No sharp edges.
Opens items with little effort.
Hygienic – opener never touches the contents of the can.

Instructions for use:
1. Open handles and attach can opener parallel to top of the can; rim between the two lines. Close handles. 
2. Twist knob clockwise. Opener will automatically grip lid and begin to cut. After a full circle, you will feel less resistance. Stop – can is open. 
3. Open handles again to release.
4. Use mini-pliers by opening and closing handles to lift lid cleanly and easily! 
5. Ring-pull: Slip ”beak“ into loop; rock back & pull open to open pull tabs.

Warning: Don’t cut more than full circle. Over cutting may create burrs or slivers that could cause injury. For domestic use only. Not intended for commercial use.