Essential Ratchet Spice Grinder Black

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Grind pepper and other fresh spices with comfort and ease—with this high-performance ceramic stone grinder. Simply open the easy-fill door to load the grinder with peppercorns or whole spices, then move the ratchet handle back and forth to easily grind pepper as needed. The attached spice jar catches the freshly ground spices to avoid any mess, and comes with a lid for storage. These easy-use features make this grinder ideal for anyone with limited mobility or grip strength.

The Ratchet Grinder is part of the Kuhn Rikon Essentials line of well-crafted basics for every kitchen.

Ratchet mechanism rather than a traditional twist-operated grinder
High-performance ceramic grinding stone
Adjustable for coarse or fine grind
Easy-to-fill open door
Attached spice collecting jar with included lid for storage
BPA-free plastic
8" tall
9.5" with jar attached