Wasabi Dish, Soy Sauce Bottle and Sushi Tray Ornament Set of 3

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SKU: D4438
Kurt Adler's Wasabi, Soy Sauce & Sushi Ornaments are playful and unique holiday decorations that pay tribute to the delightful world of sushi dining. These ornaments feature miniature condiment and sushi designs, including a wasabi dish, a soy sauce bottle, and a variety of sushi rolls, adding a touch of culinary charm and Asian cuisine to your festive decor. Each assortment includes three ornaments, and each ornament represents a different aspect of the sushi experience. These ornaments often feature intricate details that capture the visual appeal of sushi condiments and rolls, creating a visually captivating effect. The design of these ornaments is lighthearted and evokes the joy of dining on sushi and experiencing the art of Japanese cuisine. They are perfect for food enthusiasts, sushi lovers, or anyone who enjoys the aesthetic and delicious appeal of sushi dishes. A delicate string is thoughtfully attached to each ornament, allowing them to be easily hung from Christmas tree branches, displayed on a mantle, or integrated into a holiday centerpiece. Their size and design make them versatile additions to various decor styles, whether you have an Asian-themed decor or simply want to add a touch of culinary charm to your holiday display.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Resin 100%
Assortment of 3 ornaments
Set of 3
Hand made