Terms of service

We want you to have your goodies as soon as possible so that you can enjoy them, love them and tell everyone about them. Every order is given the same tendering loving care and is shipped out within 48 hours. Most leave us on their way to you within 24 hours. If we run across something strange, we will let you know about it ASAP. That’s a promise!


Glossary of Standardized Terms

Set: A group or combination of items that are sold as one unit. The pricing shown reflects the price for the set as defined in either the item name/title or the items descriptive information.

Assortment: A variety of items available as defined by the vendor or manufacture. And assortment is priced by the individual item and we ask that you specify which of the items pictured you would like to order. Items shown are not sold as a set unless otherwise noted by the words “set of (3)”. Assortments can be varied by color, size, or other defining attribute.