Squishmallow Printed Stocking 19"

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SKU: SQ7241
Kurt Adler's Squishmallows® Printed Stocking is a delightful and charming holiday accessory designed to hold and showcase your Squishmallows® plush toys or other festive goodies. Squishmallows® are a popular brand of soft and huggable plush toys known for their cute and whimsical designs. This printed stocking features colorful and eye-catching Squishmallows® characters and patterns with a red plush cuff, making it a perfect addition to the holiday decor of Squishmallows® enthusiasts or anyone who appreciates adorable and cuddly holiday decorations. This stocking is designed to hang from a mantelpiece, staircase railing, or any suitable location in your home. It adds a touch of holiday magic and showcases your Squishmallows® collection or other small gifts. Whether you have a single favorite Squishmallows® plush or an entire assortment, this stocking offers a playful and themed way to display them during the holiday season. If you're a Squishmallows® fan or know someone who is, this printed stocking can be a delightful addition to your holiday traditions.
Introduced: January 2024
Officially licensed Squishmallows® stocking
Materials: Polyester 100%