Sea Turtle Ornament 2"

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SKU: C6420
This Glass Sea Turtle Ornament from Kurt Adler is a charming and aquatic decoration that brings the beauty of the ocean to your holiday decor. This unique ornament features a lifelike glass sea turtle, carefully crafted with intricate details that capture the grace and elegance of this majestic marine creature. Its vibrant colors and shimmering glittered finish add a touch of underwater magic to your Christmas tree. This ornament is perfect for those who have a love for marine life and want to infuse their holiday decor with a sense of wonder, serenity, and the beauty of the ocean or simply wish to create a unique and captivating atmosphere for friends and family. It embodies the spirit of discovery, beauty, and the pleasure of adorning your tree with a touch of underwater charm. As you hang this ornament in your home, it becomes a reminder of the tranquility and beauty of the ocean, evoking memories of serene beach vacations and the enchanting world beneath the waves and invite you to celebrate the magic of the season with a tribute to the wonders of the sea. Display this ornament with care and let it fill your home with the peaceful and enchanting ambiance of the holiday season, adding a touch of underwater beauty and festive charm to your holiday traditions.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Glass 90%, Polyester 8%. Aluminum 2%
Hand made