Holographic Pre-Lit LED Multicolor RGB Star Treetop 13.25"

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SKU: AD1067
Kurt Adler's 13.25" Multicolor RGB Holographic Star Treetop is a delightful and eye-catching addition to your Christmas tree decor. This treetop star, designed with a holographic effect and multicolor RGB lighting, serves as the perfect finishing touch to your holiday tree, adding a touch of magic and radiance to your festive display. This treetop star measures approximately 13.25 inches in size, making it a substantial and attention-grabbing addition to the top of your Christmas tree. The star is crafted with a holographic effect, which adds depth and dimension to its appearance, its holographic design shimmers and reflects light, creating a mesmerizing and magical effect. Equipped with multicolor RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED lighting, the treetop star offers a wide range of colors and lighting effects. The star features a secure and easy-to-attach clip that allows it to be effortlessly mounted at the top of your Christmas tree. The attachment is designed to keep the star stable and upright throughout the holiday season. This treetop is a wonderful choice for those who want to add a touch of modern magic and dynamic color to their traditional holiday decor. Its holographic design and multicolor RGB lighting provide a contemporary twist on the classic tree topper, making it a standout piece that catches the eye and complements the festive spirit of Christmas. 

Introduced: January 2024

15 Smart LED lights
6' multifunction USB lead wire
1 indoor UL Adapter w/USB Port
App Control
1 remote control
For indoor use only