Hollywood King Of Hearts with Red and Black Cape Nutcracker 18.8"

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Kurt Adler's 18.8-inch Hollywood Nutcrackers™ King of Hearts with Cape Nutcracker is a regal and enchanting holiday decoration that seamlessly blends the world of classic nutcrackers with the whimsy of playing cards. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this nutcracker commands attention and adds a touch of royal charm to your seasonal decor. This nutcracker features a figurine dressed in the style of the King of Hearts from a deck of playing cards. The nutcracker's attire includes a rich red coat with blue feather accents, reminiscent of the regal attire of a king. The design is bold and eye-catching, capturing the essence of playing card imagery. The nutcracker's face is crafted with attention to detail, capturing the traditional nutcracker aesthetic while infusing it with the character of the King of Hearts. The intricate details and expressive features add to the nutcracker's overall charm. Whether displayed on a mantle, as part of a holiday centerpiece, or as a statement piece, this nutcracker exudes an air of sophistication and playfulness. Its unique interpretation of the classic nutcracker figure adds a touch of novelty and whimsy to your holiday decor, creating an intriguing and captivating element in your festive home ambiance.

Introduced: January 2024

Designed by Holly Adler exclusively for Kurt S. Adler, Inc.
Materials: Wood Solid 60%, Resin 20%, Wood Composite 10% Paint/Mica 10%
Hand made
Gift boxed