Frozen Pizza Box Ornament 4.5"

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SKU: J8864
This Glass Classic Crust Pizza Box Ornament from Kurt Adler is a fun and quirky holiday decoration that adds a touch of culinary delight to your festive decor. Crafted with attention to detail, this ornament captures the essence of a classic pizza box, invoking feelings of comfort and enjoyment associated with everyone's favorite comfort food. It incorporates vibrant colors that mirror the packaging of traditional pizza brands. This color palette adds a playful and vibrant element to your holiday decor. The ornament's design is lighthearted and humorous, evoking the joy and satisfaction of indulging in a delicious slice of pizza. Displaying this ornament in your holiday decor infuses your space with a sense of humor and the love of comfort food. Its playful design, food-inspired theme, and whimsical imagery create a festive and lighthearted atmosphere, making it a cherished and memorable part of your holiday celebrations.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Glass 100%
Hand decorated