Dark Roast Coffee Bag Ornament 4.875"

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SKU: J8863
Kurt Adler's Glass Dark Roast Coffee Ornament is a charming and delightful holiday decoration that pays homage to the love of coffee and the warmth it brings to the holiday season. Crafted with attention to detail, this ornament captures the essence of a freshly brewed cup of dark roast coffee, evoking feelings of comfort and coziness. It incorporates a deep brown color that resembles the rich hue of a well-brewed dark roast coffee. This color palette adds a touch of warmth and coziness to your holiday decor, its design is inviting and evokes the aroma and atmosphere associated with enjoying a cup of dark roast coffee on a chilly day. Displaying this ornament in your holiday decor infuses your space with a sense of comfort and the joys of sipping a favorite beverage. Its cozy design, coffee-inspired theme, and inviting imagery create a warm and inviting ambiance, making it a cherished and heartwarming part of your holiday celebrations.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Glass 100%
Hand decorated