Blippi Decoupage Ornament 3.5"

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SKU: BP5241
Kurt Adler's Blippi™ Decoupage Ornament is a whimsical and delightful addition to any tree, featuring the beloved children's educational entertainer Blippi™ in a fun and artistic design that captures the essence of his adventures and enthusiasm. Blippi™, known for his educational videos and catchy songs that engage and entertain young audiences, is an icon of learning and fun. This decoupage ornament pays homage to his vibrant character and educational content, making it a perfect choice for Blippi™ fans, children, and anyone who appreciates the joy of learning. Crafted with care and attention to detail, the Blippi™ Decoupage Ornament showcases a colorful collage-style design. It incorporates Blippi's™™ signature blue and orange attire, his iconic hat, and a playful backdrop that highlights the various themes and settings from his videos. The decoupage technique ensures a durable and glossy finish, enhancing both the visual appeal and longevity of the ornament. This ornament is not just limited to holiday use. It can also be displayed year-round, making it an excellent addition to children's bedrooms, play areas, or even as a decorative piece for educational spaces. Its whimsical design and educational theme make it an ideal gift for young learners, inspiring their curiosity and creativity. This ornament captures the spirit of Blippi's™™ entertaining and educational world and brings it into your home as a cheerful and vibrant decoration. Whether it's hanging from your Christmas tree, adorning a Blippi-themed party, or brightening up a child's living space, this ornament is a delightful celebration of both learning and fun, thanks to the infectious enthusiasm of Blippi™.
Introduced: January 2024
Officially Licensed Blippi™ ornament
Materials: Styrofoam 80%, Resin 10%, Paint/Mica 5%, Plastic 5%