Christmas comes to Old Sac

Christmas comes to Old Sac

SACRAMENTO, CA – Just in time for Halloween and the holiday shopping season, two new businesses have opened their doors in Old Sacramento.


Christmas & Company and Chef’s Mercantile opened for business on Oct. 7 (2010) in the newly remodeled Ebner House and Empire Hotel located on K Street in Old Sacramento.


Christmas & Company is a year-round holiday shop that will specialize in Christmas decor, but will also feature elaborate displays for every holiday season.


“We will have Christmas decor up all year, but we will also have a year-round Halloween section too, then we will have a special display that changes with every holiday,” said store co-founder Mark Snyder.


Mark and his sister and co-founder Amy Guthrie already have several displays planned for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mardi Gras. The idea, according to Snyder, is to reach collectors of all seasonal holiday decor.


“People that collect Halloween or Christmas decor look for items all year long, so we think Old Sacramento will bring us a dedicated clientele,” Snyder said.


Guthrie and Snyder’s other business opening this week, Chef’s Mercantile, shares the building with Christmas & Company and is a full service cooking and kitchen store.


“Right now Chef’s Mercantile is open for business and we plan on having some small demonstrations during Christmas season, with the whole demonstration area open by next year,” said Guthrie.


The names Amy Guthrie and Mark Snyder may sound familiar. They are the children of longtime retailer William Snyder, who was one of the founders of William Glen specialty stores.


Snyder died in December 2009 and in September, William Glen announced after 47 years in business, it would be closing in 2011.


Guthrie and Snyder say their father’s influence has definitely played a part in branching out on their own and opening a holiday and cooking store in Old Sacramento.


“Christmas and cooking were our father’s two favorite things, they were a family tradition. We knew if we opened a store it had to incorporate those things,” said Snyder.


Christmas & Company and Chef’s Mercantile are open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and are located at 118 & 116 K Street in Old Town.


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