Pastry & Pizza Roller

$ 14.99
SKU: 3078n
The Norpro Pastry/Pizza Roller is the perfect 2-in-1 tool for pies, cookies and pizza dough!
To help achieve a perfectly cooked crust, it needs to be of a uniform thickness. 

The large roller smoothly rolls out dough, creating a uniform crust. Easy to use on your pastry mat/cutting board or directly in the pan
The small roller makes it easy to fill in dough to the edges, smooths edges and sides, and ensures uniform depth around the inner rim of the pan

Also ideal to crush nuts, crackers, cookies and bread crumbs
Zinc alloy rods balance the wood rollers
Hand washing recommended

Measures: 9" x 4.75" x 1.25" / 23cm x 12cm x 3cm
Large roller: 4.25" / 11cm
Small roller: 2.5" / 6cm