Lobster Bibs Set of 4

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HIC’s Lobster Bibs for enjoying lobster and crab at home without a big mess. The set includes 4 disposable Lobster Bibs featuring Americana artist H.Hargrove’s original artwork ‘The Maine Man’. Hargrove is most renowned for his delicately detailed still lifes, spectacular European landscapes, and privately commissioned portraits. Great for New England lobster, Maryland blue crab, Alaskan king crab, crab legs, lobster claws, perfect for festive, casual, and fine dining occasions. Keep clothes mess-free while retrieving every delicious bite. The extra-large Lobster Bibs protect clothes from sauce stains, drawn butter drips, and food spatters.

They minimize mess and make cleanup a breeze
Simply toss the bigs and throw out the stains
Includes 4 disposable Lobster Bibs