Grilling Basting Pot & Brush Set

$ 27.99
SKU: 11320400x
The Grilling Basting Pot and Brush set is an easy, convenient way to add extra flavor to meats and veggies while grilling. The non-slip handles are easy to hold and the silicone bristles on the basting brush spread sauces and marinades with ease. The angled brush head keeps surfaces clean between brushes, and the silicone lid keeps the basting pot covered while grilling outside. The 18 oz/530 mL stainless steel pot and basting brush are dishwasher safe.

Keep marinades and sauces close at hand while grilling
Silicone lid keeps stainless steel basting pot protected while outside
Basting brush with silicone bristles for brushing meats and veggies on and off the grill
Angled brush head helps keep surfaces clean
18 oz/530 mL capacity