Gold Chopsticks 9" Set of 5 Pair

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Helen's Asian Kitchen Gold Stainless Steel Chopsticks for enjoying Chinese food favorites and everyday meals
Made from electroplated stainless steel; lightweight, durable, and reusable; won't stain or rust; non-porous to eliminate cross contamination of foods

Hollow stainless steel won't transfer heat from foods to hands during use; won?t impart metallic taste, absorb odors or transfer flavors between usesHelen?s Asian Kitchen Gold Stainless Steel Chopsticks make eating Chinese food favorites and everyday meals fun and enjoyable. Lightweight, yet durable, and superbly balanced for fatigue-free use, they complement any dinnerware and other flatware or place settings. Elegant spirals on the handles for a comfortable, non-slip grip and gentle notches on the tapered tips make picking up, and holding onto, foods easier. These Stainless Steel Chopsticks are hollow to resist heat transfer from hot foods to hands during use and won?t burn, scorch, or discolor. Perfect for tabletop cooking and grilling with a hibachi grill, or Korean bulgogi, Japanese shabu-shabu or sukiyaki and Chinese hot pot. Longer lasting than traditional wooden chopsticks, they won?t react with foods or impart a metallic taste. For much more than eating Chinese food and Japanese food, whether it?s stir fry, sushi, pad thai, or party hors d?oeuvres and appetizers, foods seem to taste better, and more fun, with chopsticks. Use at every dining occasion, from breakfast to lunch or brunch, for holiday meals, party buffets, even outdoor entertaining. Helen?s Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Chopsticks resist staining, discoloration and rust, and won?t absorb odors, juices or oils, or transfer flavors between uses. Non-porous surface eliminates worry of cross contamination of food. They are reusable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Brought to you by HIC Harold Import Co.

Set includes 5-pair.

Great for enjoying stir fry, sushi, pad thai, hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, and tabletop cooking and grilling; won?t burn, scorch, or discolor Gently notched tips make picking up, and holding onto, foods easier; balanced for fatigue-free use; dishwasher safe