Crafter's Original Scroll Table

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The go-to hot wire foam cutting table for making styrofoam models, 3D foam letters, numbers, signs, cylinders, cones, cake dummies, custom styrofoam shapes and more. Get ultimate control and unmatched precision with the sturdy base and fine cutting wire. Reposition the foam cutter table arm to make angled cuts and beveled edges on modeling foam or cut sharp, 90 degree angles on styrofoam sign letters. 

Kit Includes:
Scroll Table
Single-Temperature Crafters Power Supply (220 volt input available)
Four cutting wires
85 minute Hot Wire Foam Factory DVD
Printed Instructions

10 feet of power cord
Starts cutting immediately
Cuts continuously without overheating
A simple adjustment allows you to make angle cuts
Made with care in the USA

Use For:
Cutting Styrofoam, white beaded EPS and extruded XPS foam
Accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc.
Letters and numbers for signs and displays
Art and craft projects
Basic architectural models and elements
Stone walls