Best Friends Ornament

$ 24.00
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Snowbaby's best friend! A Snowbaby wraps his arm around his furry friend in a warm embrace. The smiling pup wears a polka dot kerchief and a festive snow cap. This 2.75” porcelain figurine is finished with hand-painted accents.

​Introduction: January 2018

Hanging Ornament
2.75in H
Best Friends
Snowbabies feature heart-warming scenes of the holiday season
Showcases a Snowbaby and his beloved dog
Handcrafted from high-quality bisque porcelain with hand-painted accents
2.75-inch height (7 cm)
Packaging: 1 EA Sleeve
Measurements: 2.75in H x 1.5in W x 2.25in L 
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