3 Piece Peeler Set Black

$ 22.99
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The old adage goes, "Use the right tool for the job and it will be easy." That's the way it is with the OXO 3 Piece Peeler Set in black. Peaches, plums, tomatoes are easy to skin with the serrated peeler, one of the three tools. Making a carrot raisin salad for the baseball team potluck? Use the Swivel Peeler with a blade made for firmer vegetables. Beautify your presentation by curling vegetable skins with the Julienne Peeler. It's so nice to open the cooking utensil drawer and pull out the perfect tool for the food. It inspires you to volunteer again to bring something special to the next banquet.

Stainless steel
Serrated Peeler for soft fruits Length: 7''  Width:1''
Swivel Peeler for firmer vegetables Length: 7''  Width: 1''
Julienne Peeler for slicing garnish strips Length: 6"  Width: 3"
Dishwasher safe