You Stay Warm, I'll Stay Warm

SKU: 6009925e
As they frolic in the snow, Santa's reindeers need a little extra warmth during those chilly winter days! Designed in the US by Kristi Jensen Pierro.

Introduced: January 2022
Retired: November 2023

4.57in H
Designed in the US by Kristi Jensen Pierro
Hand-crafted in creamy bisque porcelain.
Features hand-painted details.
Comes packaged in full-color sleeve box.
Perfectly giftable!
Packaging: 1 EA Sleeve Box
Material: Porcelain Bisque, Knit fabric
Measurements: 4.57in H x 2.09in W x 4.49in L Wt. 0.47 lbs
UPC Code: 028399317684