PuRXium Countertop Air Purifier - Coverage up to 500 square feet

$279.00 $516.00
SKU: CAP-500
The air purifier that features washable reusable metal filters H13 high-grade HEPA filters active carbon filters and UV-C light that all work together to capture up to 99.9% of airborne particles 0.1 micron or larger. This includes airborne bacteria and various contaminants. The air purifier cycles air within 500 sq. ft. room 2x every hour. Relax and breathe easy with this peace-of-mind essential for today's home.

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Up to 500 square feet 2x every hour
Two (2) H13 high-grade HEPA filters
250 CADR
Two (2) active carbon filters
Two (2) washable, removable metal pre-filters
2,500 hour runtime rated filter system
2-sided air intake
Illuminated touchscreen controls
Filter replacement indicator
Child safety lock
12-hour timer
Sleep mode/night light
3 fan speeds