Cutlery Pro Mesh Cutting Glove Extra Small

SKU: 22031hic
Cutlery Pro's Kid's' Cut-Resistant Gloves offer Level 5 protection against sharp and abrasive edges with complete control, dexterity, a secure grip. Made from HPPE (high performance polyethylene), with basalt fiber and spandex; strong, lightweight, breathable; safe for direct food contact. Protects small hands, fingers and wrists in the kitchen, workshop, garage, and yard; allows comfortable, confident use for both hands.

Protection from kitchen knives, mandolines, mezzaluna blades, vegetable and cheese graters, oyster shuckers and clam knives, and more
European LFGB food-safe certified; flexible and comfortable; does not protect against punctures
Hand wash in cold water and hang dry
Set of 2