What’s in store . . . Holiday 2018!

What’s in store . . . Holiday 2018!

Today we finished up the second in a string of shows for the Winter 2018 show season. Tomorrow we leave Dallas behind for Los Angeles even after having already worked Atlanta and with Las Vegas on the horizon.

These four trade shows give retailers the opportunity to review, compare and determine the products, looks and vendors will make it into their assortments for 2018. Trends in holiday and home décor can ebb and flow just as in the clothing and jewelry. The trends usually follow pantone color announcements but sometimes this can be a chicken and egg situation.

For 2018 Ultra Violet and Dried Moss are the pantone colors and we found this to be indicative of what we found for holiday 2018 trends with ultra violet lead to vibrant colors and incredible lighting treatments. Dried moss carried through to natural tones and outdoor inspirations being conjoined with bling like crystal and diamonds for a marked holiday touch.

The bright, festive floors took two routes. We saw vibrant party colors that took on a nearly electric and neon flavor. For William Glen and Christmas & Company this will lead to some new themes and color ways such as a grand take on our already popular Dia de los Muertos and a journey into a Wonderland Alice probably never knew.

Severely contrasting yet uniquely complimentary to the Ultra Violet color is Dried Moss. This pantone color is earthy and warm and inspired us to further journey into the depths of Mother Nature with raw woods, soft mosses and mineral formations that evoke images of gnomes and fairies.

The key to 2018 Holiday is the journey. From flitting about with woodland sprites and starry nights to the vibrant colors of Latin America and the celebrations and joy associated with remember those who have gone before us we are all on a journey through life together. Christmas is a time to celebrate traditions like the birth of Jesus, Santa Claus and and his elves and wonderment like we find in fairy tales and poetry.

Christmastime at the William Glen stores will take you from Paris flea markets to the celebrations of Mexico City, from breathy winds of nature to the glitz of a European style palace. Come experience the beauty of the holiday season.