Metal Canned Foods Ornament 3" Set of 5

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SKU: J8856
Kurt Adler's Canned Food Ornaments are a whimsical and charming addition to your holiday decor that adds a touch of culinary delight and nostalgia to your Christmas tree. Included in this assortment are five ornaments, each featuring a different type of canned food, celebrating the pantry staples that have comforted us throughout the year. These delightful ornaments showcase intricate details with a lifelike appearance, from the labels on the cans to the textures and colors of the food inside. Crafted with a touch of humor and attention to detail, these ornaments are made from high-quality materials that evoke the joy of celebrating with familiar pantry items. Celebrate the magic of the holidays and the joy of festive celebrations with our Canned Food Ornaments, and let them remind you of the familiar moments and the happiness that this special time of year brings. Create cherished holiday traditions with these unique additions to your Christmas decorations, and let them be a symbol of the festive atmosphere and the culinary delights of the season, capturing the essence of comfort and familiarity during the holidays.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Iron 98%, Paper Products 2%
Assortment of 5 ornaments
Set of 5