Macarons Ornament 1.75" Set of 6

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SKU: C6398
These Glass Macaron Ornaments from Kurt Adler are delectable and whimsical holiday decorations that bring a touch of culinary charm and sweetness to your festive decor. This 6-piece set features miniature glittered macarons, showcasing the beauty and colors of these delightful French pastries. Each set includes six glass macaron ornaments, and each ornament represents a color, including green, creme, yellow, brown, blue and pink, making them look just like the real confectionery treats. The glass is adorned with intricate details that capture the texture and appearance of macarons, including their signature ruffled edges and filling. The design of these ornaments is lighthearted and evokes the charm of French patisserie. They are perfect for food enthusiasts, bakers, or anyone who appreciates the beauty and artistry of these beloved confections. A delicate string is thoughtfully attached to each ornament, allowing them to be easily hung from Christmas tree branches, displayed on a mantle, or integrated into a holiday centerpiece. Their size and design make them versatile additions to various decor styles, whether you have a culinary-themed decor or simply want to add a touch of sweetness to your holiday display.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Glass 98%, Aluminum 2%
6-Piece Set
1.75" each