Santa Riding Bear Ornament

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Santa doesn't always travel by reindeer led sled. Sometimes he calls upon other friends of the forest to get him across heavier terrains. Steering a hefty brown bear through the woods, Santa sits a top the massive creature in this charming ornament.

Introduction: January 2022
Hanging Ornament
3.94in H
Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Ornament Collection
Beautifully hand-painted and crafted with intricate styling and attention to detail
Jim Shore's unmistakable style evokes a sense of nostalgia with traditional themes, quilt patterns and design motifs inspired by American and European
Packaged in individual box with photo on front
Designed by Award Winning Artist Jim Shore
Packaging: 1 EA Photo Gift Box
Material: Stone Resin
Measurements: 3.94in H x 1.5in W x 4.25in L 
UPC Code: 028399322978