Hollywood Hats Frog Prince Ornament 6.25"

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SKU: HAT0012
Kurt Adler's 6.25-inch Holly Hats™ Frog Prince Ornament is a whimsical and enchanting holiday decoration that brings a touch of fairy tale magic to your festive decor. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ornament adds a playful and imaginative element to your seasonal setup. This ornament features a figurine inspired by the classic fairy tale of the Frog Prince. The ornament showcases a charming frog wearing a regal crown, capturing the moment of transformation from amphibian to prince. The design is both whimsical and endearing, evoking the magic of fairy tales. Displaying this ornament in your holiday decor adds a touch of fairy tale wonder to your space. Its playful design, magical theme, and imaginative imagery create an enchanting and joyful ambiance, making it a cherished and whimsical part of your holiday celebrations.
Introduced: January 2024
Designed by Holly Adler exclusively for Kurt S. Adler, Inc.
Materials: Resin 90%, Feather 5%, Plastic 5%
Hand made