Gray and White Owl Ornament 7.85"

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SKU: C2536
Kurt Adler's Grey Owl Ornament is a charming and decorative piece that captures the essence of this magnificent bird. This ornament is a perfect choice for those who appreciate the beauty of owls and want to incorporate a touch of nature-inspired elegance into their home decor. The natural grey coloring of the owl's feathers is elegantly rendered, and intricate details, such as the owl's facial features and distinctive plumage patterns, add to its authenticity. Owls are often associated with wisdom, intuition, and mystery, making them a meaningful addition to your decor. They can be hung on Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, or used as a year-round decoration in various settings. These ornaments provide a sense of nature's grace and beauty to your indoor spaces, making it a wonderful choice for nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate the timeless elegance of owls. Whether you choose to use it as part of your holiday decor or as a permanent fixture in your home, a Grey Owl Ornament adds a touch of enchantment and tranquility to your surroundings, making it a delightful and symbolic choice for decoration.
Introduced: January 2024
Materials: Polyester 50%. Styrofoam 40%, Feather 5%, Plastic 5%