Prelit Multicolor C7 Bulb LED Cactus 4'

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Kurt Adler's 4' Pre-Lit Multicolor C7 LED Cactus is a whimsical and unique decorative piece that adds a touch of southwestern charm and festive lighting to your holiday or year-round decor. This cactus-shaped decoration is a playful twist on traditional holiday lighting and is designed to bring a fun and colorful ambiance to your space. Standing at 4 feet tall, this cactus is a noticeable and eye-catching piece that can serve as a focal point in your decor. The cactus is pre-lit with multicolor C7 LED lights, which offer a bright and vibrant display. These lights come in various colors, creating a visually appealing and lively look. The cactus shape is rendered in a lifelike manner, with details like arms, ridges, and a base. It captures the essence of the iconic southwestern plant. While it can certainly be used as a holiday decoration, this cactus is also a fun choice for year-round decor. It's especially fitting for southwestern or desert-themed settings. It is a great option for those looking to add a playful and unique element to their holiday or year-round decor. It's a fun way to celebrate the spirit of the season or to infuse your space with a touch of the desert's vibrant character. 

Introduced: January 2024

Pre-Lit with 100 multicolor C7 LED lights
710 tips
8" diameter
Square stand
For indoor use or covered patio use only
Bulb Color: Multicolor
Bulb Shape: C7
Bulb Type: LED
Item Size: 4'
Power Source: Plug In