Grissini Roller

SKU: BB65021
To create crispy Italian breadsticks

Traditional Italian breadsticks or “Grissini” as they are called in Italy, are fun to make and create an appetite for more: Roll the dough in record time into refined “Grissini” for a delicious Mediterranean snack and much more!

Rolling instead of cutting – you will be done in no time
Create a large variety of Grissini
Season with different spices, herbs and more
Delicate, thin Grissini sticks with superior crunch
Suitable for different doughs: e. g. pizza dough, puff pastry, tarte flambée dough and more
Little to no waste, thanks to precise cutting
Ideal for doughs up to 1/8 inch thick
Ideas for savory grissini in included recipe booklet
Instructions & recipes booklet included