Stay Sharp!

Stay Sharp!

A Sharp Knife is a Safe Knife

Bill Snyder, one of the founders of William Glen, always encouraged his customers to maintain a sharp and safe knife in two ways. First, a honing steel should be used regularly. Honing a knife isn't the same as sharpening a knife but it brings the blade back into order. On a microscopic level, knife blades are like tiny teeth. After several uses, no matter how good the quality of steel is, a blade begins to wear and dull. Drawing a knife against a honing steel realigns those teeth, bringing them back into position. This is why we always recommend avoiding cutting on tile or glass surfaces and storing your knives on a magnet or on their sides in a block if space permits.

The second part to Bill's knife advice is to get them professionally sharpened from time to time. Depending on your usage, this could be once a year or maybe every other year. Knives that are honed before every use maintain a nice, sharp edge longer. Knives that are sharpened annually or bi-annually will keep you safe and happy. 

Never be afraid of a sharp knife. Use it like an extension of your hand. A sharp knife will easily glide through most foods with ease eliminating the chance of the knife rolling off the food and injuring the user.

Come by our stores to check out or selection of cutlery, learn about honing your knives and maybe pick up a new knife or cutting board to improve your culinary arsenal.

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