Get Rid of All That Pet Hair For Good

Get Rid of All That Pet Hair For Good

Dogs and cats are sweet, little bundles of joy that give us unconditional love, but they can also leave so much hair all over the home. In our home we have 4 furry friends. While their shed-factor is relatively low the fur and hair can be annoying and make the home look unclean or unkept. Cleaning fur and hair from pet and people can be a simple task but done incorrectly you can harm the upholstry of your furniture and thus make your home look worse. Here are easy tips (and a few removal tools) that will banish pet hair on furniture, clothes, and floors.


We love our furry friends, but dog and cat owners know the struggles of keeping pet hair under control. With each attempt, cleaning your home can begin to feel like an endless cycle: Get the pet hair out of the living room, and you find more of it in the bedroom or your kids' room. Until someone invents a way to train animals to clean up their own fur (or you buy a cat or dog that doesn’t shed), pet hair will always be an issue. But not to worry: there are ways to get rid of it. Read on for easy tips (and a few helpful removal tools) that will banish pet hair on furniture, clothes, and floors once and for all.


Get Rid of Pet Hair on Furniture With a Sponge A clean, lightly dampened sponge can be used on furniture and other fabrics to pick up pet hair, and doesn’t create a lot of waste since you can rinse and reuse your sponge. Just make sure you keep it separate from the one you use for your dishes. Lightly rub it over the surface you’re looking to clean. Be diligent here because a wet sponge can also smear any dust or dirt into the fabric and thereby exacerbate the housekeeping problems.


The best way to clean pet hair is with an OXO  FurLifter The self-cleaning base on this ingenious FurLifter Furniture Brush means you can easily dip a fur-filled brush back into the base and bam, it’s ready to use again. The hinged handle on the furniture brush makes it easy to use on a variety of furniture surfaces, and the micro-bristles pick up not just pet fur, but also hair, lint, and other annoying bits that accumulate on your couch. The FurLifter also comes in a garment brush and a convenient on-the-go size to stick in your purse, backpack, or glove compartment.