Natural Botanicals

Natural Botanicals Inc. offers a collection of eco-friendly Dried and Preserved Floral products.  We concentrate our efforts in sourcing and producing innovative and unusual botanicals from around the world.  When dyes are used they are carefully blended to either "represent" the current trend colors or to mimic nature's own beautiful tones.
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Baxteri Banksia Bunched 4 Stems
Calice Mushrooms Natural 15 Piece Bag
Cotton Phylica Purple Orchid 4 to 5 oz Bag
Fountain Vine Oasis Green
Giant Shelf Mushroom Extra Large
Green Sheet Moss Tray
Ladder Branch Bunch of 7
Lotus Pods Premium Green Wired Bunch
Mood Moss Premium Preserved
Plumosum Female Merlot 8 Bloom Bunch
Sheet Moss 8oz Bag
Sheet Moss Bulk Box 6.6 Lbs
Star Pod Natural Extra Large
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